Recipe: Delicious Chow Mein

Chow Mein. Chicken Chow Mein is firmly planted in the Noodle Hall of Fame as one of the all time most loved noodles, along with other favourites like Pad Thai, Pad See Ew and Singapore noodles. Chicken Chow Mein Old Style (Chinese Food Recipe) Noodles. Chicken Chow Mein - Chinese Restaurant Cooking Secrets - PoorMansGourmet.

Chow Mein Classic Chinese Chow Mein with authentic ingredients and easy ingredient swaps to make this a Classic Chinese Chow Mein is one of those dishes that seems elusive, like there is some secret. Chow Mein (sometimes spelled as chowmin) is one of the best Chinese recipes. It's made of noodles, vegetables, protein such as chicken, shrimp, beef or pork. You can cook Chow Mein using 9 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Chow Mein

  1. Prepare 2 of onion, chopped.
  2. It's 500 grams of mince beef.
  3. Prepare 1/4 of cabbage, sliced - I somethings use bok choy.
  4. You need 2 of Celery sticks (chopped).
  5. Prepare 1 cup of Green beans.
  6. You need 1 packet of Continental Chicken Noodle Soup.
  7. You need 1 tbsp of curry powder.
  8. You need 3 cup of water.
  9. It's of For a bit more colour, I add a couple or diced carrots.

The ingredients are stir-fried with cooking. This easy Chinese Chow Mein recipe is made with noodles, vegetables, chicken, and a simple chow mein sauce. It's better than Panda Express, and healthy too! Make a classic chow mein for an easy midweek meal.

Chow Mein instructions

  1. In a large saucepan, brown mince & onion..
  2. Add all other ingredients and simmer until liquid is reduced right down … about 30-45 mins..
  3. Serve with boiled white rice. Have Soy Sauce on hand as a condiment..

This simple noodle dish is packed with flavour, veg and shredded chicken. Chow mein refers to stir-fried noodles with little soup that are characterized by a salty taste. The name is from the Taishan Chinese dialect (a kind of Cantonese). Perfectly crispy noodles with bok choy, mushrooms + bean sprouts! A homemade version of your favorite take-out dish.

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